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For more than twenty years, our company has been giving its clients a voice and a face.

ABC Studi


Italian or foreign companies, large or small, rely on us to communicate who they are and their activities on international markets. Why do our clients choose us? Maybe because we do not settle for standard solutions, but always strive to go the extra mile and provide thoroughly thought options. Everything we offer, including communication, is made in Italy.

Ali Elshafie

Ali Elshafie, for us simply Ali, is our point of reference for the Arab market. His triple cultural background (born in Africa, relocated to Qatar and settled in Italy for several years) makes him extraordinarily capable of understanding his interlocutors, not just a at linguistic level. A long-time importer and exporter between the Arab world and Italy, Ali collaborates with several embassies. Although he is a Middle Eastern culture enthusiast, he also enjoys the beauty of Italy, which he continues to explore by researching products of excellence for the Middle East. He speaks three languages fluently, but his most attractive quality - which won us over - is his pleasant personality.

Ali Elshafie

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