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For EllaElli interiors we thought up the name and designed the logo. Creating a name for a new company is a very demanding job, and if it's successful it's just as exciting. This is the case of EllaElli, a new furniture company with a free, fluid spirit, like the many Ls in its name. A beautiful sound, feminine assonances, plurality are just some of the meanings that you can associate with it if you want.

The logo highlights the obsessive presence of Ls and fixes this fluency in two directions: inside, outside, left, right, before, after, me, you...transforming the echo into a certainty, the solid certainty of the interior walls and the solidity of the furnishings.

Tug of war. Equilibrium wins.

The logo is untouchable, firm, you can't play around too much with the logo. That's not true, not any more.

Here are some things you can do with the logo, all the more so if your business has to do with the wide world of style. Images for Instagram.
Apllicazione logo in negativo
Apllicazione logo in positivo

Ellaelli instagram
I Batman, you Batman, he Batman. We're heroes. And you?
Concept Ellaelli interiors
We go beyond the weather.
Lights and...shadows.

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